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Optometry Meets Neurology: Linking Headaches & Dry Eye Symptomology

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With the dramatic shift to remote working and learning, patient symptomology is accelerating rapidly. Based on lifestyle index data from over 160,000 patients, over 85 percent experience headaches and over 77 percent experience a dry eye sensation with some level of frequency. Industry commonly refers to these and other symptoms as “Digital Vision Syndrome.” In this webinar, Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO, discusses ways that optometry can establish itself on the forefront of improving patient comfort and reducing patient symptomology.

Watch the full webinar at Review of Optometric Business.

Paul Karpecki, O.D.

Paul Karpecki, O.D.

With over 20 years experience running some of the largest dry eye clinics in the United States, Dr. Karpecki is a leader and pioneer in this dedicated area of optometry. He is a noted educator and author, having delivered over 1000 lectures and authored over 1000 papers on the subject of Dry Eye Disease.

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